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It's No Wonder

I was commissioned by a group of wondrous, wild women who wanted to share their story of friendship with their two best friends, Terri and Daisy, who were pregnant together, again.

They wanted to share their story, through my poetry and singing, at Terri and Daisy's baby blessing.

It was an absolute honour to write about such powerful, intimate, female friendship.

- - -

Poem & song by Cairn Calls

Recording by Cairn Calls

Film edit by Cairn Calls

Original videos by Dmitry Varennikov, Cottonbro & Yaroslav Shuraev

- - -


With all commissions, we'll start with a chat. I'll ask you a few questions and from there, I'll write the poem. I'll then record myself performing the poem, layer it with my singing, and play it over a film I'll edit with your guidance and approval. If you have any sound, images or video clips you'd like me to weave into the film, you can send them over to me beforehand.

There will be plenty of time for back-and-forth edits, until you're happy.

If you’d like me to make you something similar, please get in touch. I’m especially looking to collaborate with videographers, so we can create bespoke mini films that complement the poems.

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